Category: Private Event

Venue: Buckhead Theatre

GRAE Productions, Day-Of Coordinator
Hope Dezember, Event Producer & Designer
Raymond Adams, Photography

Click to watch the HOPE for STEVE Documentary

In the summer of 2011, at the age of twenty-nine, Steve Dezember was diagnosed with ALS. The doctors told Steve that he probably had two to five years to live. Steve took his girlfriend of six months to their “spot” on the Chattahoochee riverbank just north of Atlanta. Small box in pocket, he took her by the hand and told her, “Look, I completely understand if you go . . . but if you don’t, will you marry me?” Her name was Hope.

With Hope by his side, Steve would candidly tell the future audience what to expect from the disease and how to combat it with certain “tricks” or medical advantages. The documentary follows the newlyweds as they plow through a collaborative bucket-list while Steve still is able to eat, breath, talk and move on his own. We get to see a PG version of Hope and Steve’s honey-moon, their road trip across the country, and on-stage invitations from popular musicians such as Michael Franti, Gareth Asher, and Dave Matthews.

Despite the good times, the disease progressed quickly and Hope had to face the incredible challenge of being both Steve’s wife and his full-time caretaker. And the once tenacious, joke-cracking, and initially optimistic Steve had to come to terms that he would spend the rest of his life relying on his wife to fight all of his physical battles for him. This film is an excruciating and piercing love story.

Steve lived with ALS for 9 years and transitioned in 2020.